How do I Become One?

Before reading further, recognize that this is not just a game. It is a trial, an experiment, and a journey towards collective harmonization. You may never see your fellow players in the same way after your voyage to Become One.

Become One is a game of synchronization inspired by The Mind. The goal is to win as a collective without any communication.

Each level, everyone is dealt a random selection of cards from 1-100.

29 56 98

To play a card, you tap it.

To finish a level, players must play all cards in ascending order. If someone plays out of order, the team loses a life.

❤️ 2

If everyone agrees to throw a star, you all discard your lowest card.

Before any cards are played, it is recommended that you Harmonize by clicking the hand icon. Once you Harmonize, there is NO COMMUNICATION allowed.

Once you reach the goal level, you have completed the game, and Become One.


7 / 10